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The CatMouse Litterbox Deodorizer


The CatMouse™ Litterbox Deodorizer

"It WORKS!!!'s SAFE!!!!!!"
"Wish I had found this sooner"
"Lives up to the hype"

People are raving about the
effectiveness of the all natural
CatMouse Litterbox Deodorizer!
The only lasting byproduct is Oxygen!

• Deodorize areas up to 50 square feet
• Outstanding for litterbox odor
• Oxyions attach themselves to odors & oxidize them!
• No Toxic Chemicals used
• No Pollutants are generated or remain
• Comes with wall adapter and mounting kit
• Completely washable stainless steel filter
• Dimensions 6" h x 3-3/4" w x 2" d

Only $39.95
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More Details
With the push of a button, the CatMouse electronically eliminates litter box odors quickly, easily and effectively. Simply install on top of or near your litter box for a cleaner, healthier home.

The CatMouse Litterbox Deodorizer is an electronic sanitizer/deodorizer. It produces airborne oxidizers and purifiers, Oxyions™, to remove odors and bring the benefits of fresh air into your home. Oxyions™ have the same natural disinfecting, ionizing power as that of sunshine for a cleaner, safer, happier home. Use the CatMouse to naturally eliminate odors without toxic chemicals, cover-up scents or fragrances. With oxygen as the only remaining by-product, you can feel good about saving the environment by not using harsh chemicals to cover up pet odors.

Due to the compact, portable size of the CatMouse, it is most effective for its designed purpose; safely cleaning and deodorizing relatively small areas and items. The CatMouse isn't just for can treat virtually any object by simply placing the CatMouse above the items, within, or in close proximity to them. The CatMouse can be placed in large plastic storage boxes, garment bags, under hamper lids, pantries, near the laundry chute, garbage cans, diaper pails, even in small closets.

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• Safe and natural oxidizing oxyion output, leaving a fresh, clean smell
• Stylish, low profile, compact design in an attractive pearl, white finish
• Whisper quiet operation in any mode
• Ultra-low 3 watt power consumption
• Generous 5 ft. low voltage power supply cord
• Low maintenance

NoCanDu fromBear Lake, ID
WOW! I mean WOW!
I've had two cats for about 15 years. Added a third little guy a few years ago, so I've tried every "litter odor" product on the market. I saw this and, of course, I had to try it, too. I recently moved into a new condo, and I had set up the "cat area" in the laundry room, which is on your way to the kitchen. Something had to be done! I was pretty skeptical, but I plugged that sucker in and and BAM! I don't get a whiff of litter every time I go past that door! SO AWESOME! It does come with an extra little metal part in case the other one dies. More

VetStudent13 from Central Illinois
Wish I had found this sooner
I have five cats and one designated litter box room. Inhaling ammonia every time I cleaned the litter boxes was almost causing me to pass out. I looked into all sorts of things before finding this - I was seriously about to spend $300 on a whole-house ammonia filter. Bought this a couple weeks ago, put it up in the litter box room and was totally skeptical about it. Came back a half an hour later and the smell was gone. I nearly cried I was so happy. More

TomsMom from North Carolina
This is the first product I have ever bothered to review, even though I shop online frequently. I just wanted to add something along with the other reviews about how amazing this product is! I pluged this small device in and by the end of the day the odor was gone and has stayed gone since (I have had it for a week). I have had anywhere from one to three cats through the years and nothing has worked on odor like this little thing!! More

Sawyer26 from Quincy, MA
Great Product
I was skeptical in buying this at first but literally the first day I used it, it was like night and day. The moment I turn it off, then the odors reappear, but keeping it on, it's like we don't own our cat. I'm thinking of getting a second one for the upstairs for the rabbits. But I highly recommend it and so glad that something like this is out there. More

Annatouchas69 from Richmond Hill, Ontario
Excellent Product!!!!
I bought a CatMouse Electronic Litter Box Odor Eliminator about a month ago and was a bit skeptical but thought I'd give it a try anyway. I've had cats all my life and have lived in my current apt. for almost 20 years with cats for at least 18 yrs...I have battled litter box odour in every way imaginable but with little success other than scooping constantly. I currently have 4 kittens ranging in age of 7 months to 1.4 years old...3 girls and a boy...let me tell you it might be just a coincidence but when my boy Cubbie goes you have no choice but to go scoop even if its 2 am!! LOL! Since I bought the mouse, there has been no odour! I mean none! ZIP! Cubbie goes at the same time every morning when I'm getting ready for work and I have to pass the closet where their litter boxes are...nothing! no smell at all! Its the best product ever in my opinion!!!!!!!!!! More

CatMouse Replacement Parts

CatMouse emitter CatMouse Emitter Cover CatMouse gray adapter CatMouse auto adapter
$9.95 (two)

CatMouse mounting strips CatMouse Maintenance Kit  
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