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MultiPet Deodorizer and Sanitizer



The CatMouse™ MultiPet
Room Deodorizer & Sanitizer

Introducing The Most Powerful Deodorizing Machine For The Investment On Earth...

Eliminates odors in entire living areas! No more pet odors, smoke smell, food odors, shoe stink...
The only lasting byproduct is Oxygen!

• Deodorize areas up to 500 square feet
• Perfect for multiple pet households
• Oxyions attach themselves to odors & oxidize them!
• No toxic chemicals used
• No pollutants are generated or remain
• Comes with wall adapter, vehicle adapter and mounting kit
• Completely washable stainless steel filter
• Dimensions 12" w x 7" d x 3.75" h

Only $99.95
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More Details
With the push of a button, the CatMouse MultiPet electronically eliminates odors throughout your entire room quickly, easily and effectively. Simply place on a shelf, table or other elevated area for a cleaner, healthier home.

The CatMouseMultiPet Room Deodorizer is an electronic sanitizer/deodorizer. It produces airborne oxidizers and purifiers, Oxyions™, to remove odors and bring the benefits of fresh air into your home. Oxyions™ have the same natural disinfecting, ionizing power as that of sunshine for a cleaner, safer, happier home. Use the CatMouse MultiPet to naturally eliminate odors without toxic chemicals, cover-up scents or fragrances. With oxygen as the only remaining by-product, you can feel good about saving the environment by not using harsh chemicals to cover up odors.

The CatMouse MultiPet was designed to deodorize and sanitize households that have persistent odor problems. The CatMouse Multipet can be used in musty basements, stagnant attics, RV's/Campers, closed up cabins, trailer homes, any large area requiring deodorization. Homes that have 3 pets or more, a fireplace, pellet stove or other source of smoke in the house, hamper areas where soiled laundry creates a smell, shoe corral areas, sporting gear areas and more!

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• Safe and natural oxidizing oxyion output, leaving a fresh, clean smell
• Stylish, low profile, compact design in a grey velvet finish **NEW**
• Whisper quiet operation in either Lo or Hi mode
• Ultra-low 6 watt power consumption
• Includes wall adapter, vehicle adapter, mounting kit & instruction book
• Low maintenance


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